Slip and fall accidents can cause severe injuries and lead to big medical bills. If your injury is severe enough, you likely will not be able to work right away, which means a loss of income. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property, you’ll want to consult with a slip and fall attorney. You might be eligible for a settlement that can provide much-needed relief and allow you to focus on what’s important: recovery. A slip and fall lawyer handles cases like yours every day and can easily analyze your case and let you know if you’re eligible to pursue financial compensation from the negligent party.

Should I Seek Medical Attention?

Anytime you sustain an injury, you should seek medical attention right away. A slip and fall injury is no different. Even if your slip and fall accident doesn’t seem severe, there’s a chance you might have suffered injuries that have delayed symptoms. You’ll want to seek medical attention right after your accident so that you’re evaluated and diagnosed quickly. A medical evaluation immediately following your accident also documents your injuries and links them directly to the slip and fall accident you’ve suffered. This is imperative if you’re going to file a slip and fall claim against the property owner or occupier. A slip and fall attorney can also set up an evaluation with a medical examiner who specializes in slip and fall injuries.

Do I Need to File a Report?

After you’ve sought medical attention, you’ll immediately want to report the slip and fall accident to the owner or occupier of the property. They will then file an accident report that includes any injuries you’ve sustained, as well as the hazard on the property that caused your accident. When you write your accident report, try to include any details you can remember. You’ll want to list everything that occurred before, during, and immediately following the slip and fall accident. This report will help establish that you suffered your injury because of a known hazard that is on the property and will be key in your slip and fall attorney proving that the property owner or occupier is liable for your injury. A slip and fall lawyer can make sure everything is filed exactly how it should be in order for your claim to hold up in front of a judge or jury.

Do I Need a Slip and Fall Attorney?

A slip and fall accident can lead to severe injuries, some of which may not show up for days, weeks, or even months. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, it’s in your best interest to reach out to an experienced slip and fall attorney. Your slip and fall lawyer will analyze your claim and help determine if you’re eligible to pursue compensation. Your attorney will also help file reports, obtain and organize evidence, seek out potential witnesses, and put together a strong case that supports your claim. Additionally, your slip and fall lawyer will fight for you throughout the entire claims process, defending you against huge insurance companies with high-powered legal teams. Contact For the Win Law today at (254) 870-4800 and let us help you obtain the financial relief you deserve.